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Colloque Ecosse

Congrès international de la SFEEc


La SFEEc (Société Française des Études Écossaises)

avec le concours de l’ASLS

et du CRIT (EA3224) organise un colloquedu 17 au 19 octobre 2013 à l’Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon

"And then a queer thought came to her there in the drookèd fields, that nothing endured at all, nothing but the land she passed across, tossed and turned and perpetually changed below the hands of the crofter folk since the oldest of them had set the Standing Stones by the loch of Blawearie and climbed there on their holy days and saw their terraced crops ride brave in the wind and sun. Sea and sky and the folk who wrote and fought and were learnéd, teaching and saying and praying, they lasted but as a breath, a mist of fog in the hills, but the land was forever, it moved and changed below you, but was forever, you were close to it and it to you, not at a bleak remove it held you and hurted you. And she had thought to leave it all!"

[Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Sunset Song, (1932), Edinburgh, Canongate Classics, 1999, p. 119.]